Currently In Production


An animated short production for the AWA Community

This pilot production is a story of a young boy from a typical non Western environment, this could easily be a set in Nigeria for instance, which in fact is the case. Kemanosi is his name, living with his parents who are relatively well to do but without much affluence.
Despite living within the gated estate where he is only exposed to children of his kind, he is aware of the world out there, he does not know much however he knows enough about how he may be more privileged that some others he sees around and this has sparked curiosity within him. He longs for a day he will be able to venture into the unknown and explore what lies beyond, him and his bicycle.
He often struggled within himself if to do or not to do, his parents will not allow it as he is shielded but certainly not his mind and so the day came when he decided to step out and see if its as harmful as they have always made him believe. Its his first time, parents can not know of it however he must be safe first.
This story explores his decision and what lesson he may have learnt while at it.