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  • Animathlon – 72hrs  Indie  Shorts Project
  • Animation  Festival/Screening
  • Industry Inducement Prize Reward 
  • Animated Short – Bicycle
  • Sponsor Founder’s  Wages
  • Reward Sponsorship – AWAChallenge 

There are a few other ways we reach out to the community and industry at large. Ranging from educative to industry support and encouragement.
The whole idea is to bring everyone at par and on same level from which our growth as an industry can be coordinated



AWAtv is hosts videos from and for the community in an open manner using the social media video channel YouTube, it is one of our strong efforts to connect with the general public and see them learn from us. We upload tips, tuts, tricks, showreels, cg breakdowns for the eager learners, simply put this channel allows anyone within the local industry who is willing to take viewers through how they achieved their brilliant works, this builds confidence by teaching others what you know or have learnt.
We do live streaming and online meetups using the channel, basically anything video inclined and good quality and focusing on the local guys themselves as we found out its easier to learn when you can relate with the tutor as you both possibly share similar day to day experiences.


MEETup (cgm)

CGMeet is a community driven initiative, cgm focuses on facilitating the development and transference of skills and enterprises, networking and showcasing of work in a community of equals, within the industry. cgm sets up in countries and regions where members in the region will meet periodically; this is an opportunity to meet and connect in so many invaluable way. Its is certainly one way for AWA to physically connect with other members and understand the industry needs and motivation in a more practical manner.



Spotlight will create an avenue to focus the attention on individuals, ideas, projects and other things worthy of note within the industry This will help to bring to recognition some big steps and moves made by and from within the local industry and as such as may need patronage, support, funding or just simply publicity and awareness of the work.
We will also beam the light on dynamic minded individuals doing their best to promote their local industry.



In a bid to bring some exposure and connection within the industry and in line with the bigger industry practice, we came together to develop and periodically publih a digital magazine for the industry, geared towards breakdown tips and to support learning within our community. It’s one of our most popular, and by far the favourite among our team. Its mostly focuses on telling a fascinating story of the process by which artists achieved their awesome digital creation. We encourage you to read. Get in touch if you would like to know more how to support or place adverts in any edition.
AWAmag is currently free read.


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