About Us

Attitude and Integrity


AWA Foundation (Animation West Africa Network) was born out of the desire to see the West African Computer graphics (CG) and Interactive media industry evolve to match the wealth of skill and potential skills available. In 2008, the founder Debo aka ‘Sen’ as known to many, over the time received several known and unknown people contacting him often times while in Capetown, South Africa asking for directions and mentorship from him due to their perception of his insights and understanding of the industry, this relationships made him see a gap that needs to be filled and bridged, a gap between the assumed levels of skill and the acceptable skill level based on global standard and so led to seek attention from various industry practitioners and then create such a platform with the sole aim of showcasing and developing his own industry, this move will also afford us to offer economically sustainable quality services where required.

However not until 2009 that the founder really connected a few like minded fellas at different times and under different circumstances and who also come from the same region to work together with and having sold the idea to as many as will understand it, the initiative and passion for Animation West Africa Foundation really began to take shape. While we understand that a lot of things would take shape more, we are where we are today and we keep looking forward as an industry.

In about 10 years of existence we AWA Foundation has been to able establish many initiatives to harness and pool together the digital creative artists within the region. Most notable of it all is setting up The Animation West Africa Community’ also know as ‘Animation West Africa Network’, the which idea is to create that platform where not just creatives can meet online but also to form a bond that will begin to shift the paradigm and stereotype of the industries, create the needful exposure and above all help build confidence in the minds of every when they see the strides being taken by their mates who is under the same environmental fate as them.

AWA Foundation is the body/entity that will supervise these and manage the various outlets for of the vision and aspirations for the local industries that come under her.

Bottom Line

Our bottom line and ultimate purpose is to join and help create that environment where digitally creative practitioners within their industries can have a take home towards their own sustainability, we aim to where funds are available provide infrastructure both in physical hardware like render farms, computer hardware, cheap or free working space, production facility on the go, reliable internet etc and also in strategic support like meaningful events and workshops where skill-set and knowledge are transferred, meetups that is powered by us where face to face cohesion can begin, a sort of union to support self employed creatives and those working for others, adequate representation in other parts of the world, internship arrangement outside the localities that these creatives have come from and to expose them to standard working practices, providing the opportunity to work on client jobs where they proceeds are going to the pockets of those who work on such jobs, negotiating for them on behalf of clients and also seeking funding, donations, grants and income generated through client work for the furtherance of these aims that make the people do what they are skilled to do and like a better life which they can be proud of.

We invite you today to consider support where you can, while its good to donate to caused where people have no food and no clothes or shelter or even sufferign from diseases, it is even better to donate to causes such as this where already skilled people are enabled to earn from their own work.

About the founder

Debo Adeaga

Chief Servant / Creative Director

Debo known as Sen has been part of the AWA Foundation Community since the beginning as the Founder although considers himself to function better when in the role of a Chief Servant.

 Having studied Information Management in UK and equipped with hands-on computer graphics and animation industry experience working in Capetown, he has along the line realised the need to support the local industries with the right kind of support and the result is AWA Foundation.