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Supporting the West Africa Animation Industry

Over the years, Animation West Africa  has grown to become the face of CGI and animation in the West Africa region of Africa. The initiative was conceived around 2008 when the founder had an insight into the operations of other industries in Africa and took it on himself to create something similar for West Africa as a way to pool our industry practitioners together.
We rely on your support and donation to help us assist and support deserving individual within the local community and also help our little efforts move faster.  

Your very little helps!


Our vision is to bring to the fore a vibrant and transformed industry in West Africa within Computer Graphics, Animation and Interactive Media.

Perhaps the biggest aim is  to help develop a sense of self reliance for economic empowerment to the creative practitioners via sustainable jobs and business opportunities that will offer a way out of  impending poverty  and create  individual development.


Some of our main goals:

  • We aspire to facilitate training and education, making young ones see the professions as a viable way to escape poverty of the mind and body.

  • We will raise funds which enables us to assist promising young people get into the industry with the least barrier in front of them and we will engage such funds to subsidize production costs for those members of the industry who cant afford this yet ave what it takes to help take our industry higher.

Training and Educationals

The prevalent standard of productions and activities within the West Africa industry may give a perception of a severe lack in the area of relevant formal development initiatives, this further affects the marketability of the individual artist, makes is hard to survive competition and they become economically unsafe in their profession of choice – animation. 
The few noticeable improvements among individuals cost them a lot of effort to attain.

We understand that the subject matter therefore is key to industry success and transformation, AWA wants to champion efforts that will be directed specifically to individuals, young learners and similar however with emphasis on entrepreneurial development.

Latest Showreel Content

We encourage community members by putting together some of their works as a showreel where every contributor credited.
We hope this will further display our commitment to support.


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